Road2Wholeness  is a Women's Health, Wellness, and Personal Evolution Blog.   The term Road2Wholeness describes the healing path of the broken, abused, misused, and sometimes the misinformed.  The path is ultimately one of "Remembering Who We Are"! 

I am Author and Speaker NaTisha Renee Williams.  I use my cuts, scars, and bruises to show and encourage women, to pull the wisdom from their life's stories, and offer them up to empower, encourage, and enrich lives.  I mainly blog on the topics of Self-Love, God's Love, Purging Toxic Emotions, Emotional Weight Loss, and Mindset Building.
  1. Understanding Now
    Understanding Now
    Understand how you've interpreted past experiences and you'll decode now. n.r.Williams
  2. Healing is...
    Healing is...
    Healing is an opening up of spiritual eyes to the truth about who we are.
  3. The Material of Time
    The Material of Time
    Today is concrete. Tomorrow is clay. Yesterday is ashes.
  4. A Governing Principle
    A Governing Principle
    God is Love and Love is King.

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I am also the author of Renegotiating Kayla.  Published in 2006, the novel takes you on an emotional journey with the main character Kayla Ross.  Kayla who was sexually abused as a child and is now living a life of disassociation from her past finds herself stuck in one fruitless relationship after another and begins to seek a road towards healing; going from victim to survivor by the end of the novel.  The book is entertaining, moving, and inspiring.