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The Dreamer is a caterpillar who knows the truth about its destiny.  It knows that it was born to fly.  It knows it carries a unique design; personally handcrafted by its maker.  Therefore it’s not afraid of the metamorphosis it must undergo to live freely. It is patient and confident that it will become a butterfly. "    -NaTisha

"In Essence ... I am Destiny.  I am Love.  I am Peace.  I am Life.  I Simply am.  In Form ... I'm a writer.  I'm a poet.  I'm a teacher and a speaker."
I began writing poetry at age eleven; first because I was good at it and eventually as a way to give sunlight and breathing room to my wounds.  I didn't have anyone I could speak to about the things I was experiencing; so paper became ears.  Writing was my life because it kept me alive.  It was also the first sight of worth in my life and it enabled me to attach a level of worth to my life that wasn't previously there. 

Later, as my understanding of God expanded and I came to understand my spiritual birthright, I understood that my worth was beyond anything I could ever do on this earth.

I have spent the last seventeen years actively pursuing wholeness and healing.  I would say that I am healed and I am whole.  That doesn't mean that I have all the answers.  It also doesn't mean I'm done learning or falling.  But it means that I'm no longer expressing and relating from a broken place or belief. 

I am a faith warrior; however I do at times get discouraged.  Still, my faith always prevails.  I come back every time and every time with greater conviction and a stronger voice. 

Ultimately, the purpose of this blog is to support those who are attempting to initiate healing in their lives.  I support them with my experiences, my faith, my revelations, and my honesty.  I am committed to using my cuts, bruises, and scars to Empower, Encourage, and Enrich Lives.  My ultimate goal is to break the cycle of dysfunction that I was born into and to encourage other women to do the same. 

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The Blog

The Awareness

The Mission

Wholeness is the ultimate awareness I believe one should have of self.  I base my wholeness on the principle that I am a perfect, whole, and complete idea in the mind of God and that I am ultimately an expression of God. 
To heal the world by contributing to the healing of the heart and soul of the woman.  As the keyholders to life, it is important to realize, that when the woman is broken, the world is broken.

The Syllabus

1. Know that You are Loved by God the Creator.

2. Understand your Divine Birthright.

3. Be Encouraged to do the inner work to reclaim peace and wholeness.

The Benefits of Wholeness

1. To experience God's peace.

2. To attract wellbeing.

3.  To develop healthier relationships.

4. To be a fully functioning expression of God.

The Body
Find out how I dropped the enormous load I was carrying.
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